Plank Road Folk Music Society

About Us

Since 1985, The Plank Road Folk Music Society has been dedicated to fostering and promoting traditional and contemporary acoustic music and dance – including folk, bluegrass, old-timey, country & western . . . even acoustic rock. We encourage members of all ages and skill levels.

  • Plank Road enjoys a long-standing partnership with the venerable Two Way Street Coffee House. The majority of our regularly scheduled events are co-sponsored and held at their location, 1047 Curtiss Street in Downers Grove, IL, where everyone is welcome to sing and play — or just listen. We are two separate organizations, with separate management and operations, but work as partners on many events and programs. We value our close working relationship with Two Way Street.
  • Plank Road members are also active at festivals and present concerts and other events showcasing a wide range of acoustic music. Many members also offer their experience and skills in helping community organizations present a variety of musical events.
  • Our online newsletter, QuarterNotes, is published quarterly, bringing members news and reports of upcoming events and festivals, articles on performing artists, discussions of musical techniques, and a wealth of other information.

Traditional folk music helps us discover a connection with our roots by bringing to life songs that have been sung and played for 100 years or more. More contemporary folk music – by the likes of Pete Seeger, Tom Paxton, Mark Dvorak and many others – offers a way to share and document the times of our lives. As we preserve our musical heritage we build continuity with the future. Please join us to enjoy the music and keep our heritage alive.

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