Plank Road Folk Music Society

Barn Dances

Plank Road Old-time Barn Dance

Enjoy a fun-filled evening of music and dancing for the entire family, from children to senior citizens. We only ask that small children be accompanied by an adult on the dance floor. The dances are co-sponsored by Plank Road and the Two Way Street Coffee House, 1047 Curtiss St. in Downers Grove.

Our barn dances are informal, with no costumes needed - you don't even have to bring a partner!

  • The Plank Road String Band provides lively music, and a caller to walk you through all the dances - No Experience Necessary!
  • Chairs are set up around the edge of the room for visiting with friends and enjoying music between dances.

Folks who would like to play with the String Band at barn dances and in performances should attend the monthly practices regularly, become familiar with the music and practice at home.

If you have any questions, please call Jen at 630.518.2619 Or Email

When is the next dance?

Dances are usually held between September through April. We are working on the upcoming schedule and will post it here once it is finalized.

Date Caller

You can also add your name to our email list at the dance or by clicking on Contact Us and sending a message.

The Plank Road String Band celebrates a form of music and dance that has endured for centuries. These dances, and the music that accompanies them, bring people together in a family-friendly environment. The simple joy of joining together and sharing this old-time tradition will bring a smile to your face -- while providing a welcome break from the routines of our busy lives.

Come watch. Come listen. Come dance!

String Band Leader, Cathy Jones
String Band Leader, Cathy Jones