Plank Road Folk Music Society

Bluegrass Jams

We've enjoyed a lot of great times together for a good old bluegrass jam, where you can learn, show your chops or just sit back and enjoy. Songbooks are provided. Jim Zethmayr is our session leader and we welcome all levels of players to join in. Jim's songbook is full of genuine bluegrass, from Bill Monroe to more modern artists. Whether you play guitar, banjo, mandolin, bass or other stringed instrument, you are welcome to play, sing, or just listen and enjoy!

Sing-Around Leader, Jim Zethmayr

Jim Zethmayr leads our popular bluegrass jams. An avid banjo player, Jim says what appeals to him are the “lively tempos, full vocal harmonies and syncopated banjo licks.” He’s been our song leader since 2006, and always looks forward to sharing his love of bluegrass.