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Welcome to The Plank Road Folk Music Society . . .

Where people come together to play, sing and enjoy acoustic music of every kind!

Plank Road is a music club in the western suburbs of Chicago. We have regularly scheduled sessions for our members, where they can participate in sing-arounds, jam sessions, song circles, barn dances and other music events. We encourage participation by everyone who attends — experienced and beginning musicians are all welcome to join in!

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LIVE Sing-Arounds Details

  • Masks Required: Saturday sing arounds are live in the “big room” adjacent to the Two Way Street coffee house, in the church in Downers Grove. We are enjoying the personal interaction. Although we are back to wearing masks for these sessions, we find this does not detract from our enjoyment of the event. The church sets the policy and reacts to public health restrictions and advice from community health recommendations. If and when these restrictions change, we will post it here on our website.
  • Zoom: Zoom connection to our regular sing arounds and song circles will be ending soon. There has been very low participation recently, and our main zoom operator is no longer available on a regular basis. Once again, if this changes, we will post it here.

  Please bring a music stand if you have one, as our table space is limited.

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Both volumes of Down the Old Plank Road are now available!

Good News! Volume Two of the reissued folk music album from 1995 is now available in digital format, joining the previously released Volume 1. Down the Old Plank Road features a group of Plank Road performers singing and playing some great old songs. You'll recognize many of these musicians -- George Mattson, Mark Dvorak, Cathy Jones, Dave Humphreys and more.

Professionally recorded, these albums were originally released on cassette tape, and have now been digitally remastered for pristine sound – and are easily accessible on many popular streaming services.

Here are some links for both Albums:

These links should take you directly to the Plank Road album. For other streaming music sites (which may require subscriptions), simply search for “Down the Old Plank Road” or “Down the Old Plank Road Volume 1.”


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Quarternotes Winter 2022

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Quarternotes First Issue 1983

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