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The Plank Road Folk Music Society Welcomes You!

Welcome to The Plank Road Folk Music Society . . .

Where people come together to play, sing and enjoy acoustic music of every kind!

Plank Road is a music club in the western suburbs of Chicago. We have regularly scheduled sessions for our members, where they can participate in sing-arounds, jam sessions, song circles, barn dances and other music events. We encourage participation by everyone who attends — experienced and beginning musicians are all welcome to join in!

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17 Songs -- folk, country, string band and more!

Now Streaming

"Down the Old Plank Road Volume 3"

Plank Road Folk Music Society is pleased to announce the release of our latest recording in a series that began in 1995. Down the Old Plank Road - Volume 3 is a collection of music performed by current Plank Road members, and is available to the public at over 150 streaming sites, including those listed below. This online album features a variety of folk, country and barn dance tunes, covering 100 years of American music — from traditional to contemporary — performed by a mix of established pros, and a number of our “regulars.

27 years ago a group of Plank Road members recorded Volumes 1 and 2 on cassette tapes, which were reissued last year in digital format. We decided it was time to put together a new set of songs performed by some of today’s current Plank Road members.

Volume 3 features 17 tracks performed by 12 different groups and individuals. Two artists from the original cassette recordings — Mark Dvorak and George Mattson — appear on Volume 3 with brand new songs.

Performers Include the Plank Road String Band, Ashley & Simpson, Comfort Food, Lonesome Eagle, Fiddle Fret n’ Whistle, and Sons of the Prairie, as well as solos by other current members.

Check it out! The music is available for anyone to listen to, free of charge, on most streaming sites. Just go to your favorite site and look for Down the Old Plank Road Volume 3. NOTE: Be sure to enter the full title. Here are some of the more popular sites:

  • Apple Music
  • iTunes
  • Spotify
  • Amazon Music
  • Pandora
  • YouTube Music
  • TikTok
  • Bandcamp

This project is consistent with our organization’s mission statement: To preserve and promote traditional folk music and dance.

News and Events

Save the Date! September 18
PRFMS Annual Meeting

Sunday afternoon, September 18, our popular Annual Meeting will be held outdoors in the courtyard area next to the church.

 Some snacks and beverages will be provided

 Bring your own chairs if possible

It’s been a long time since we’ve all been together! On September 18 we can reconnect with folks, enjoy the camaraderie — and, of course, do some serious jamming with George Mattson leading our sing-around.

LIVE Sing-Arounds Details

  • Masks Optional: Following the latest guidelines by the State of Illinois, face masks are now optional at Plank Road sing-arounds. This is also in line with guidelines from the CDC and the church's committee on Covid protocols. While masks are not required, anyone who feels more comfortable wearing them is encouraged to do so.

Down the Old Plank Road, Volumes 1, 2 and 3 are available for streaming. Check out all three!

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